Workplace solutions of Würth Industri Norge
Everything in its place!

Individual, ergonomic workstation solutions from Würth Industrie Service

Everything in its place!

Individual, ergonomic workstation solutions from Würth Industrie Service

Workstation solutions: lean management with ergonomic, intelligent workplaces

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to streamline processes along the entire value chain and to follow the principles of lean management. A decisive aspect for an efficient, productive way of working are tidy, flexible and clean workstations.

CPS®IWS – Innovative Workplace Solutions

With our modular system, we create individual, ergonomic workplace solutions for a wide variety of work situations and requirements. Our workstation systems are ideal for implementing the 5S rules for optimised workplace organisation applied in many companies. The 5S stand for sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain and are regarded as the basis for an efficient, work relieving and ergonomically improved way of working.

Ergonomic. Structured. Tidy. Everything in its place!

Create your own individual workplace

We offer you a complete package of products for an optimally equipped, ergonomic workplace. From Würth aluminium profile systems (WAPS®) to the CLIP-O-FLEX® and OPT-I-STORE® storage aids to the intelligent supply systems iPLACER® and iSCALE.

WAPS® Würth Aluminium profile system
Aluminium profile rails

The basis of our workstations. We offer complete workplace solutions, individual components and project-related assemblies.

More about WAPS®

Hard foam inserts with individual design OPT-I-STORE®
Hard foam inserts

Individual hard foam inserts for safe storage of tools and sensitive small parts.

More about OPT-I-STORE®

Attachement system CLIP-O-FLEX®
Suspension system

The flexible suspension system for an ergonomic and clear design of your workplace.

More about CLIP-O-FLEX®

W-KLT® bin clip for the attachment at the workplace
Bin clip

The clip makes our Würth small load carrier mobile – for more flexibility.

More about the W-KLT®CLIP

Plastic containers

Bins: Plastic boxes for storing and structuring your workplace

In addition to your workplace, we offer you a wide range of containers. Particularly outstanding is our patented bin - the W-KLT®: The flap on the front facilitates access to the goods, makes transport safer and reduces space requirements!

Smart Workplace – The assembly workplace of the future

Just in place: intelligent C-parts supply right to the workplace

The ever-increasing complexity of logistics and production processes not only increases the demands on the working environment, but also the need to make all work equipment available exactly where it is finally needed: on the shelf, at the storage location or directly at the production line. Thanks to our coordinated, individual solutions, logistics, work and assembly stations can be integrated directly into the value chain and production supply.

At the smart workplace man and machine work hand in hand. In synergy with the digital rack label iDISPLAY, the worker assistance systems assure certainty in the work processes and reduce complexity. Autonomous shuttles automatically bring items directly to the workplace, reduce routes and allow more time for value-adding activities.

Automatic order triggering via iPLACER®
Flexible RFID module

The flexible RFID module automatically triggers orders and is also used for inventory management.

More about the iPLACER®

Digital rack display iDISPLAY
Digital rack display

iDISPLAY provides numerous information at a glance and enables quick access to required items via pick-by-light function.

More about iDISPLAY

Scale system for the reordering of fasteners
Scale System

The sensor-controlled scale triggers an order as soon as the weight falls below a defined level.

More about iSCALE

Supplements to your individual workplace

Workshop equipment & operating equipment
Perfectly equipped
Operating facility

Drawer boxes, system cases and workbenches for more space and order in the workshop.
More about workshop equipment

Anti-fatigue mats
For standing activities
Anti-fatigue mats

For more movement, safety and better ergonomics at standing workstations.
More about the anti-fatigue mats

Ergonomic chairs
For seated activities
Ergonomic chairs

Work chairs specially designed to meet the requirements of production environments.
More about the ergonomic work chairs

Vehicle equipment and construction site supply: also optimally equipped and supplied on site

Delivery on construction site

Construction site supply

We also supply you on site with C-parts as well as auxiliary and operating materials. More information on site delivery

Mobile workplace equipment

ORSY® vehicle equipment

With our systems for vehicle equipment we create the perfect mobile workshop for you. More information about vehicle equipment



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