iPLACER®: the flexible RFID module – Innovative. Direct. Transparent.

The iPLACER® ensures maximum flexibility in our RFID portfolio. The small, handy, battery-operated module with integrated reader and transmitter unit can be mounted anywhere and provides an automated reordering of C-Parts at the workplace or at the flow rack for more transparency in the material flow. The RFID technology is thus not only used as an ordering system, but now also functions as a stock management system.

Functions and Applications

1. iPLACER® WP – an ordering system for use directly at the workstation

With this particular application, the iPLACER® WP (Workplace) is installed directly at the workstation. Using the RFID tags that are fitted as standard on all Würth W-KLT® 2.0 small load carriers and Würth W-KLT® 2.0 S small-sized bins, an order is triggered as soon as an empty bin passes the "drop-off point". The bins are then collected in a box and emptied by a service employee with the next delivery cycle.


2. iPLACER® OP – an autonomous, independent ordering system

Thanks to its compact design, the iPLACER® OP (Order Point) is mobile and can be fitted anywhere, giving a high level of flexibility. Empty bins or Kanban cards equipped with an RFID tag are moved past the iPLACER® module and recorded on the order. In this way, the module can be used anywhere it is likely to be needed - in production, at the workstation or as part of assembly, logistics and intralogistics processes.

3. iPLACER® FR – a replenishment management system in the flow rack

As well as functioning as an ordering system to ensure the fully automated transfer of data, the iPLACER® FR (Flow Rack) can now also be used as a means of managing stock levels for the first time. By attaching two iPLACER® modules to a flow rack – even existing, customer-specific racks – goods receipt and shipment processes, postings and bookings can be recorded and orders triggered with no manual effort required. This gives customers complete transparency over their stock levels in production, while also offering an intelligent approach to replenishment management. Requirements can be reported for each rack and position.


Your benefits

  • One system for use in a host of applications
  • Automated order triggering
  • Early recognition of fluctuations in demand
  • Flexible options for mounting - in production, at the workstation or as part of assembly processes
  • Optimum use of space; no additional space required
  • Seamless integration into the existing system landscape
  • Autonomous, independent system
  • Wireless system
  • Can be used with any size of container
  • Quick to install without changing existing processes
  • Simple means of mapping intralogistics processes

iPLACER® at STILL GmbH: Move forward together

The specialist for forklift trucks and materials handling technology uses the iPLACER® in its Hamburg plant for a seamless supply of production materials and benefits from an increase in productivity in intralogistics. The official transfer of the system from the pilot phase to regular operation took place at the end of 2020.