Country of origin
Country of origin

Ensuring complete and transparent delivery chain - administration of origins on the part of Würth Industri Norge.

Country of origin

Ensuring complete and transparent delivery chain - administration of origins on the part of Würth Industri Norge.

Origin of goods at Würth Industri Norge

Companies exporting both goods and services are legally required to deal with the origin of goods based on the relevant preferential arrangement. The “origin of goods” refers to the country in which a product was completely extracted or produced. It has to be taken into account that a supplier’s country of production is not necessarily equivalent to the country of origin of the products, because through multiple sourcing primary materials are procured from other countries, which may influence the originating status of the items.

Determining the origin of a product is of extreme significance in international trade. The origin of goods determines, inter alia, the imposition of customs duties or tariff preferences or the application of commercial policy measures. Free trade agreements in particular reaffirm the importance of correct, transparent and continuous administration of origins. Accordingly, globally operating customers within the European Union in particular attach great importance to binding proof of origin in order to be able to correctly declare their own goods and to be able to claim customs advantages.

The companies of Würth Industri Norge also act attractively towards the end customer by means of low import duties. The Group benefits from the independent supply of the foreign companies and direct customers abroad.


Your benefits

  • Complete transparency in the supply chain
    By handling a batch-related origin of goods, we ensure traceability to incoming goods and the respective supplier – at any time. Benefit from a maximum of transparency in your supply chain.
  • Controlling the origin of goods
    A specially established team of specialists takes care of obtaining important proofs of origin, whether certificates of origin, individual or long-term supplier declarations. A supplier is only considered trustworthy if he can explicitly prove the origin of his goods. With the principle of proactively avoiding goods without origin, the objectives are clearly defined.
  • Offshore Outsourcing
    Over 20,000 items declared as EU goods generate enormous administrative expense. In order to still be able to ensure a complete provision of all master data, we work hand in hand with competent colleagues from India.
  • Bilingual contact persons
    By making our bilingual contact persons more flexible, we are creating a network that is gaining in importance internationally.
  • Professional competence
    Whether in e-learnings, seminars, conferences or workshops: Offers of professional and personal education are always attached top priority in our company. In order to attach specific importance to the topic of "origin of goods", we focus on a permanent exchange of information between all participants in both internal and external training courses.
  • Exchange of knowledge at all levels
    The field of origin of goods and preferences requires regular coordination with customs and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).
  • Professional advice
    As Würth Industri Norge we see ourselves in the role of a competent consultant. We enable professional knowledge transfer especially concerning the successful handling of the administration of origins. We create transparency by providing insights into our processes and procedures.


Please note: Information on the origin of goods and preferences is available on the customs website. Learn more about customs handling




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