A complete supply system of consumables that ensures production flow in industrial production.


A complete supply system of consumables that ensures production flow in industrial production.

C-Parts management for the industry

What are C-parts?

C-parts are defined as all consumables and fasteners for the manufacturing industry. Examples include personal equipment such as hearing protection and safety glasses, chemical products such as adhesives and lubricants or screws, bolts, washers and nuts. Our product categories within C-parts consist of, among others:

  • OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY: Protective equipment, gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses
  • CHEMICALS: Industrial cleaner, rust treatment, adhesives, tapes, lubricants, sealants, surface protection
  • MATERIAL PROCESSING: Grinding discs, cutting discs, polishing drills
  • FASTENING MATERIALS: Bolts, screws, washers, nuts, zip ties

Why C-parts Management?

Although the monetary value of such consumables is low - the procurement cost is disproportionately high. For industrial companies, coordinating C-parts and managing repeat orders is time-consuming in terms of overall cost. By using C-parts solutions, Kanban solutions and logistics solutions, your company can focus on production without unnecessary delays. Time is money - a good production flow makes you more competitive.

  • Time saving so you can focus on your company's own production and deliveries
  • Digitalisation that makes it efficient and eliminates errors in ordering procedures
  • Process optimisation taking handling efforts to a minimum
  • Security of supply: Right product / Right time / Right place / Right quantity / Right quality / Right price
  • Transparent all the way from order to delivery
  • Scalable to follow growth and volume
  • Large global group with solid finances
  • Development and innovation: You benefit from the "latest and greatest systems at all times" -Würth Industri
  • Service from a high-calibre team that wants the best for you
  • World-class products in terms of quality and functionality
  • Process tailored to assist the manufacturing industry in Norway
  • Systems developed, tested and proven in countless companies around the world
  • Technical assistance ensures you the right solution and optimal operation
  • Reusable boxes and crates made of recycled materials
  • Reduced packaging needs
  • Optimised delivery quantity
  • Optimised delivery cycle = reduced CO2 footprint

Access to a world of Würth consumables and fasteners

Whether it's tools, production safety products or fasteners - we offer all of our more than 1,400,000 products in the right supply system for optimised procurement control.

Meaning of c-parts management

What characterises C-parts Management from Würth Industri?

Our systems give you maximum security of supply for your company's consumables and reduce inventory levels on the production premises to a minimum, while minimising tied-up capital. With us, you get a top-class logistics solution, purchasing optimisation and fully automated ordering solution. Würth Industri is a solid partner in the Norwegian market for the complete handling of everything from purchasing, distribution and quality assurance of goods, technical advice and training in C-part management.Experience the difference with the reduction of the number of suppliers by collecting C-part trade at Würth Industri Norway. We help you simplify processes, provide transparency in the supply chain and maximise delivery reliability.

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Würth Industri Norway has offices in Dokka, Bryne and Bergen.

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