Industry 4.0 and lean factory

Industry 4.0 is the key topic of the industry and areas of intralogistics, logistics and materials management.

Digitization begins already to change the production processes and material supply. In the factory of the future, these conditions are fundamentally continue to change and integrate network and modern IT technologies with traditional production processes. Flexibility, efficient processes, maximum security, targeted concentration on the core business - a lean C -parts management is an indispensable integral part of the manufacturing industry. But lean processes are no longer sufficient in the future. There are individual and holistic solutions to be in demand, which cross-link in the overall system and to the people!

The requirements for the partner of the industry and to the logistics are even more complex in the future.

The iDISPLAY is our latest study. Together with CPS®MOBILE, CPS®ONLINE and the Würth Online-Shop they stand together for the fundamental change.

Is your factory really lean?

C-Parts – without doubt not the most important components of a plant or machine. These parts only account for 5% of the entire purchasing volume in production. Yet they constitute 75% of the procurement costs.


Does this processes illustration look familiar?

Manual ordering procedures, coordination of a large number of suppliers, countless goods deliveries as well as goods receipt postings, incalculable financial audits and the nearly impossible challenge of responding to demand peaks are still on the agenda of many industrial companies.


Is that really still relevant? Certainly not!

Unmanaged processes

Your internal process analysis for C-Parts today and tomorrow:

Lean processes industry supply

We will whip your productivity and cost efficiency into shape!

C-Parts management is only successful once your procurement processes and intra-logistics have been optimised. This is done by reducing procurement costs, item diversity and the number of suppliers, which will then free capacities for your core activities and reduce process costs.

Industry 4.0

With an integrated concept for your production and operational equipment tailored to your needs, your industry and quantity requirements, we can sustainably reduce your procurements costs. Our solutions are based directly on the demand location and point of use in your purchasing, procurement, maintenance, material management, warehousing and production departments.